Going to the Polls

Can you pass this quiz about going to the polls?

How do I find my polling location?

Contact your county election commission and ask them where your polling location would be based on your address, or look it up here.

  • Note that you have to vote at the polling location to which you are registered

What are the busiest times for the polls?

Before and after work

  • Know that at those times you may wait a long time – even up to an hour!

If I am in line waiting to vote and the polls are ready to close, will they still let me vote? 


What is the process of going to the polls like?

  1. You will arrive at your polling spot, and first see lots of campaign workers trying to convince you to vote for their chosen candidate. Know that they must stay beyond 100 ft of polls, so they can’t pester you close to the polling place!
  2. You have to be in contact with three different election people over the course of this process
  3. Inside, the first poll worker will ask for your ID and will look you up in the register, and will give you a receipt sign in on the poll books
  4. At the next station, with polling workers sitting alphabetically based on your last name, the polling worker will compare your signature with what they have
  5. The third person, the poll machine worker, will take your receipt, put the cartridge in the machine, and verify the information when it comes up
  • Note that you don’t need your voter registration card but it can help with any confusion such as if two people within a family or household have the same name