Get Involved

Ways to Get Others to Vote

  1. Provide incentives for youth
    • Have teachers offer voting as extra credit/part of grade
    • Make voting a requirement of some part of school/activities
    • Contact local businesses about providing discounts or free apparel/food for voting
  2. Use social media to promote voting
    • Contact Snapchat about an election day/voting geotag or filter, an election day communal Snapchat story, and/or a teamsnapchat election day snap video sent to all users
    • Encourage props or signs be placed at polling locations to take photos with
    • Use hashtags on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook #whyivote #myfirstvote #ivoted
  3. Figure out transportation to the polls
    • Organize walk to the polls from central neighborhood locations
    • Organize busing to polls if there is no school
  4. Use local connections to promote voting
    • Chalk the sidewalks on election day/the day before with reasons to vote
    • Get local politicians/celebrities involved
  5. Reach out to other communities outside of high school/college
    • Register people at the mall, or some sort of other interaction at malls or shopping centers
    • Public libraries – have voter registration events or representatives talking about importance of voting
    • Have food and/or free stuff at registration events and/or election day
  6. Encourage friends to get involved and spread the word
    • Use your platform at school and with local politics to get public support from important local figures